Basic work environment (health and safety) course for managers and safety representatives

Get the knowledge you need about the requirements of the Work Environment Act with our digital self-study course, that you can complete at your own pace.


The employer has a legislated responsibility to educate managers about basic work Environment management. But it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to do this. Our digital course is more flexible if it is difficult for you to leave your ordinary job for an entire day. You can decide yourselft at which pace you want to go through the material. You get access for three months and can go back at will to review certain parts. 

The course covers the work environment legislation and regulations, and the different roles and responsibilities of health and saftey management. It provides knowledge about systematic work environement management and other methods that help the organization prevent risks and create good work conditions in the long run.

You can go through the course as an individual participant, but it can also be used as a common knowledge platform for all managers and safety representatives in an organization. It provides the knowledge needed to succeed with the work environment management in a long-term perspective.

The language spoken in the movies is Swedish with subtitles in English. The material and the displayed images are in English.

After completing the course, all participants get their new knowledge verified through a knowledge test. This means that the participant can be confident in the new knowledge in the work environment and can repeat the course if necessary.

Who is the course Basic work environment (health and safety) course for managers and safety representatives aimed at?   

The course is primarily aimed at managers but is also suitable for safety representatives and HR employees. It is perfect for organizations who wants to make sure that everyone shares a common platform of knowledge on work environment management.

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From the content:

  • Introduction to work environment i.a. containing current legislation
  • Roles withing the work environment management
  • Systematic work Environment management
  • Organizational and social work Environment
  • Task distribution
Varför läsa kursen?
  • A flexible course that everyone can find the time to complete.
  • Suitable for mangers as well as safety representatives.
  • Provides the organization with a shared platform of knowledge on work Environment management.
3 995 kr/person

Allow a full day in total time for completion.

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Get full control of the Work Environment Act's requirements and how you should work to meet them and create a healthy work environment!